Mother’s Day Is Almost Here!

Central College understands the hard work of parents all year round.

We offer exclusive free massage, acupuncture and cupping treatment opportunities (up to nine times per person). This will be available for you and your family to enjoy high-quality services and achieve balance between body and mind.

How to participate?

1. Like Central College’s Facebook profile
2. Share this post as a public post
3. Ask your friends to like the post you shared.
4. Redemption of free acupressure massage, acupuncture, or cupping according following goals (no purchase necessary)

10~20 likes => 20% off complete treatment
20 likes => One free treatment
100 likes => Three free treatments
200 likes => Five free treatments

※ Up to nine free treatments per person.
※ A complete course of treatment for massage, acupuncture and cupping.

Duration: From now until June 14 (Pacific Standard Time)

Address: #200-60 8th street, New Westminster, BC

Phone: 604-523-2388

School introduction:

Central College is a 20-year educational institution in New Westminster, Vancouver, offering Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Program, TCM clinic, English training, etc.
The event is led by registered practitioners to provide you and your family with high quality Chinese medicine treatment (you can choice massage, acupuncture or cupping)

Terms and Condition

1. No designated physician
2. Telephone reservation must be made in advance
3. You need to present your post to the front desk, and each person can only participate the activity once.
4. No purchase necessary
5. The treatment must made between Monday to Friday (9:00 am – 6:00 pm PST)
6. Central College reserves the right of final interpretation of the event


母親節即將來臨,Central College 有感於父母終年的辛勞


1. 粉絲頁按讚
2. 公開分享此篇貼文
3. 請朋友幫你分享的貼文按讚
4. 達到以下目標即可兌換免費推拿按摩、針灸治療、或拔罐療程 (無須額外購買,100%免費)

10~20個讚 => 八折完整療程一次
20個讚 => 免費完整療程一次
100個讚 => 免費完整療程三次
200個讚 => 免費完整療程五次


※ 一次完整療程為推拿、針灸、拔罐三擇一

活動/兌換日期: 即日起至6月14日(溫哥華時間)

活動地址: #200-60 8th street, New Westminster, BC

電話預約: 604-523-2388

Central College 是一所在溫哥華新西敏20年的教育機構,專營中醫學校、中醫診所、英語培訓…等

1. 不可指定醫師
2. 須提前電話預約
3. 需出示畫面給前台,每人僅可參與該活動流程一次
4. 不須額外購買即可兌換
5. 僅限週一~週五營業時間(9:00 am – 6:00 pm)兌換
6. Central College保留對該活動的最終解釋權