ICBC Injury Programs

Central College Healthcare Centre (CCHC) is affiliated with Central College, a CTCMA accredited Traditional Chinese Medicine school in New Westminster. CCHC are conveniently located in Richmond Medical Centre just across from Richmond General Hospital. CCHC and Central College offer pain treatment programs for ICBC injury claims.
In our new facility, patients can comfortably receive accurate diagnoses and treatments from our highly experienced practitioners.

In addition to pain treatments from motor vehicle accidents, Eight Constitution Medicine(ECM) can strengthen immune system and improve self healing ability.

Central College:

Address: #200-60 Eighth Street, New Westminster, BC V3M 3P1
Contact: 604-523-2388

Central College Healthcare Centre

Address: #520-6091 Gilbert Road, Richmond, BC V7C 5L9
Contact: 604-370-4280
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